Below is a exert from the mini brief, this outlines the basic requirement for the brief. Anyone wishing to see the full brief can click on this link >


You are to consider a new idea for a computer Game or Animation.

This game/animation should be based on an existing concept from another media.

This “origin product” could be a story, novel, or an original performance event, opera, stage play, song (or album concept), historic event or myth, radio-play, film (live action) or other media product, any of which will be considered in consultation with your tutors/staff).

But NOT an existing computer game if you are a games designer, and not an existing animation, if you are an animator – and for the purposes of clarity and diversification of personal interest areas, it is NOT to be based on an Anime or a Manga source material (sorry).

You are then to develop a single sentence or short paragraph pitch that explains your concept.

For example…

i.e “It is an animated TV series based on Moby Dick, but set in the future with the whale as a rogue AI research vessel.”

Or : “It is a game based upon the story/myth of Gilgamesh, in which you play Enkidu, Gilgamesh’s hero sidekick, and have to keep him in check on your monster/god/godddess fighting adventures in the ancient Mesopotamian world through which they travel.”

I had several ideas of concepts that I thought would be interesting, several are listed below:

  • Power Rangers – but in a dark/manga style with blood gore etc, this idea would enable a vast array of character design (baddies), also there would be Mech robots (Zords) as well as many futuristic and other world environments.
  • Norse or Roman Mythology – there are many Gods and Titans that would be great characters, the underworld and all the otherworldly environments would good as well
  • Spartacus – but set in the future, the Roman army is now a alien race and the humans have been enslaved. This would be set the future and this like the other ideas would enable a wide array of characters (including aliens)  and environments.

I have decided to go with the Spartacus idea as I am a fan of the original story and I think it gives the biggest scope and also with it being set in the future it will allow me to come up with some really interesting ideas. Turning the original story into one of the human race being enslaved by aliens is something very  popular with today’s audiences.

Anyone unfamiliar with the story of Spartacus can find it here    <

Below are some screen shots from the Spartacus Television series, I was thinking of having my characters very similar to this, as planet earth has been destroyed and left in ruins and the  survivors have had to rummage for weapons, I will slightly evolve this and also give some of the human characters animatronic limbs etc. In terms of the alien race i will take influence from other sci-fi films and possibly also look at animals, fish etc as a visual influence. The environments will be a mixture of a desolate ruined earth and futuristic alien space craft.





Below are some images of apocalyptic landscapes, for the Planet Earth setting.


(above left) Possible exterior of an Arena or human headquarters?



ALIEN (ROMAN) CHARACTER INFLUENCES – Still not decided whether I want to give them a humanoid face or not, this would allow them to convey emotion more but I haven’t decided whether I want them to be emotional creatures or just like robots and be devoid of any emotion. I have examples of both types below:









The animation would be dark and adult, I have decided the style in which to animate would be Manga/Anime. I have included several stills from “Ghost in the Shell” and “Guyver”

aniani2ani3 ani4 ani5



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