Single and Sequential Image communication – repost


Recently we went through single image and sequential image communication, (I will follow up this blog and add the link to my notes from that lesson)

We were given the task of creating a single image and sequential image from two separate lists of subjects, Here is a link to the brief given by tutor <click>

I have decided from the list to create a political/social statement on the rich poor divide in this country and explore the reasons, this subject will enable me to use themes and images to “code” the piece.

The other subject I’ve chosen is the myth of Hercules, this allows me to use imagery to explore narrative storytelling.

I have decided that for my political piece my single frame image is going to be a picture of the Queen sat on a large throne and this is sat upon a mass of piled bodies of poor people, I will also add more to this to develop the idea, but the basic sketch can be seen below.


For my sequential piece I have decided to arrange the panels in the shape of the Union Jack flag and also colour the images accordingly, i have not decided what the images will be yet but they will explore the same themes as the sequential piece.

sequential - mock up1

Here is a mock up that i have made with photographs, here the image in the red area is people protesting about the job situation. Red is associated with the working class and labour etc, The images in the blue area are Royal family, Politicians, bankers etc and the blue demotes themes of wealth and higher class. The text used in the white area will be newspaper clippings of things like the expenses scandal etc.

For my second subject – Hercules i have decided that the single image will be Hercules in the foreground cradling his dead family and in the background pictures of all the creatures etc he must defeat on his journeys. The sequential piece will be done as a comic strip and i’ve decided it will be 12 panels and each one of the panels will be one of the 12 labours that Hercules must perform. I will post sketches as soon as available.

sinle - hercules

Here is a sketch I have done for my single frame Hercules, the sketch shows Hercules and his dead family in the middle and creatures from the 12 labours around, This will be used as the basis for a final piece i will create in Photoshop, it will be made to have the look of Roman pottery as seen below.

Hercules_Serpents_Be#265951 pankration1


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