Hi everyone, today I have been working on a student website, at the moment we are communicating via Facebook and looking at each others blogs. I had the idea of creating a community website for all the art/design students at the college. It can be utilized in so many different ways. I’ve already received some good input. Anyone wishing to be part of it please contact me, it is half built and I will finalise it by the end of this week. Here you can see the progress:


Please get in touch


Life Drawing – Assignment 1


Myself and a fellow student started some drawing assignments that we had found on We plan to improve our drawing skills and needed some direction, so we found the assignments that contained specific tasks meant to improve certain areas.

The first one was to take an object and to simple draw it as you see it, then you are to draw it again on the opposing page and add an imagined element. We set out a hair dryer on the table, below is my normal sketch.



Then I redraw this with added elements, i found that the object could be made into something like below:


Like a hover board, with wings, thrusters and handle bars etc added on,


Then I just did a quick sketch of a clock, the shape of the clock is quite unusual at the back.


Independent Learning – practice outside of Uni


As one of the more mature students on my course I was already aware of the fact we wouldn’t be “spoon feed” and that we were responsible for our own learning. Ours tutors are teaching us the skills but it is ultimately up to ourselves to progress and research further. We were all advised to join the website

I’ve been going through helpful posts and I stumbled upon the info below. Someone was asking of ways to improve and someone currently working in the industry posted the exercises below. I think that everyone on our course should look at this and do the exercises, particularly the ones where they are weakest.

Table of Contents

What is Concept Art? 
From Life to Imagination 
Assignment #1: From Still-Life to Imagination
Assignment #2: From Self Portrait to Imagination
Assignment #3: Half-Imagined Environment
The Use of Photography in Illustration 
Assignment #4: Concept Art from Found Photographs
Assignment #4: Concept Art from Your Own Photographs
Art Direction 
Assignment #5: the Art Direction Game
Perspective, From the Beginning 
Assignment #6: Cube Contortionism
Assignment #7: Cube in 3D
Atmospheric Perspective 
Assignment #8: Atmospheric Perspective Still-Life
Assignment #9: Atmospheric Perspective From Imagination
Perspective from Life 
Assignment #10: Furniture from Observation
Assignment #11: the Back of the Building
Color Assignments 
Assignment #12: Night and Day from Observation
Assignment #13: Night and Day from Imagination
Skin Tones 
Assignment #14: Self Portrait in Arbitrary Colors
Drawing Humans 
Assignment #15: Researching Anatomy
Assignment #16: Adding Bones to a Mastercopy
Assignment #17: Constructing Humans from Spare Parts
Still More about Drawing People 
Assignment #18: Sniping
Assignment #19: Figure Drawing Class
Assignment #20: After Figure Drawing Class: Costumes
Assignment #21: After Figure Drawing Class: Spare Parts
Some Ideas for Still-Lifes 
Power-Leveling for the Busy Artist 
Assignment #22 – Studying Existing Compositions
More About Composition 
Assignment #23 – Finding Compositions Within Compositions
Assignment #24 – Non-Representational Composition
Assignment #25 – Build a Composition with Perspective from Life
Assignment #26 – Build a Composition with Perspective from Imagination
Assignment #27 – Build a Composition with a Character from Imagination
Assignment #28 – Mood, Non-Representational
Assignment #29 – Mood, Representational
Assignment #29 – Acting, Facial Expression
Assignment #30 – Acting, Body Language
More on Perspective 
Setting Goals for Yourself 
Assignment #31 – Analyzing Art
What Should I Include in my College Portfolio? 
Assignment #32 – Many Ways to Render Value
Assignment #33 – Making Value Decisions
Assignment #34 – Shading Non-White Objects
Assignment #35 – Fun With Value
Digital Painting Example
Acrylic Painting Example

Fear of Failure??


I don’t know whether this has been mentioned before on my blog, but i had an accident 9 years ago to my drawing hand. I was unable to draw for years and only recently have started again. I am nowhere near what I was before the injury but the more i draw the better I get. However it is sometimes really frustrating and I wonder whether I will ever get to the level I want. We are learning many new things on the course and so progress is sometimes slower than i’d like.

I found the 2 posts below that reassure/advise people having these same feelings. I advise everyone to have a quick read through.



I recently discovered copic markers and really them, think they are very quick at rendering ideas. In the same week I started reading a book at uni called “Mechanika: Creating the Art of Science Fiction with Doug Chiang”

The stuff in here is really impressive and mainly created with copics and then a little touch up in Photoshop. Anyone interested in drawing mechs and strange vehicles should read this.




I recently signed up to, it is an online forum, tutorial and portfolio site. You can create what is known as a “sketchbook” where you can post your work etc and ask people for feedback. Since my blog has nowhere near as much followers as I’d like, i think this would be a really good way to develop communications with my scholars. Hopefully I will get some feedback and advice on my work as well as learning new techniques and practices.