Below is a link to my previous post on the “Bus Stop” project.


I have decided that I am going to design a “Borrowers” style bus stop. I want to create the bus stop using household objects that could have been scavenged from the characters world. This objects must be easily identifiable in terms of scale and what they are. I have already sketched a few example below:


I liked the above design, it was a conscious design to cut the milk carton half way through the text, this makes it more believable and realistic to what would be real life.



I like this idea very much and this could be something that could easily made in the characters world. I would like to do a more finished version of this sketch but actually featuring “The Borrowers” book instead.



In the final piece I have already decided that there will be a mouse with a saddle in the foreground acting as their transportation, So I decided to do a quick sketch of a bus stop outside a mouse hole. I don’t want to take this idea any further but I do like the lamp as a lamp post and I may keep this along with the matchbox stool for the final piece.

I have decided that I want to create the final piece in the style of a children’s book. My tutor advised me to look at the works of Jake Parker and Shaun Tan as inspiration and I will create a post on their work very shortly.

I think for my final piece I will draw in pencil and then colour digitally.



layout idea idea


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