I have recently revisited this project and create a finished concept piece that I am very happy with.

Here is a link to my previous post



Below are digital versions of some of the sketches that I created, followed by the final piece.

bus2 MAC bus3 digi MAC bus3 MAC


I was quite happy with the above sketches and quickly mocked up a background then layered them on top, I quite liked it so far and decided to develop it further.

bus stop MAC


As stated in a previous post I wanted to create something influenced by Shaun Tan’s book ” The Lost Thing” and I developed the above picture into the finished piece that you can see below. I used my development sketches as the background and I was really happy with the look which that gave. I added a mouse in the foreground as it had been missing from my sketches, I would like to eventually change the mouse and have one with reins and a saddle to emphasise that it is used for transport.

FINISHED PIECE (However text display will change)

bus stop mock up MAC


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