I have been revisiting all my University projects and getting them to a level that I am happy with, this post includes a character design that I had previously created but hadn’t yet digitally rendered and also a sketch of a possible location/arena.


Below is the before and after version of my chosen character design.


character - digi colour MAC

character - digi colour 2 MAC

character - digi colour2 MAC

character - digi colour4 MAC


I am really happy with how this turned out, I have been practising a lot on Photoshop recently and I have seen a big improvement. I had trouble with colours here because of a discrepancy between my laptop and the MACS at college. I originally just created the version without smoke, but because i felt like I wanted to develop the picture some more and also I had recently created several smoke brushes in Photoshop I added the extra detail.


And my Arena based on a multi-storey car park.


arena mac


Within this project the location part of the project is what i struggled most with, I am really not happy with this and given more time would have started this part again.


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