This is my previous post below, it shows a rough design of an idea I had based on a Hercules picture with the impression it is on pottery.

Below is my new design and also the stages it went through before completion




hercules- new

I originally intended that the piece had a glaze and that is what the shine is supposed to be on the picture below, however as I developed the piece further I believe that it looks better without.

hercules- new- less shine


hercules - final wihout shinefinish2

herc black


I really liked the idea of this, the story of Hercules fits perfectly with this pottery style art work, however I am not very happy with the end product. Although it does semi look like what I was intending I am not fully happy with the finished look. This was despite spending a long time on it. Usually I would like to revisit projects that I don’t feel I have fully realised my vision. However I did spend a lot of time on this and feel that perhaps at this time I don’t have the skills to create a better version.


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