As part of my degree course we have been learning how to use some 3D animation software called “Lightwave”, I must admit that this part of the course is the area in which I have the least interest and I have no interest in really pursuing. However saying that I did actually find it very interesting and below I have started to compile examples of the animations tests that I have created.

I must apologise for the rendering, for some reason the PCs that we are using don’t have the appropriate AVI software.


This was basically just using the “move” options and the timeline.



Here’s a very simple animation showing the different parts are the body are parented and eventually connected to the torso (apologies for the immaturity of the animation)















Below a quick video i created showing the several stages of creating my Shop Logo/Graphics:

This project was one that I started in the first semester and have revisited and taken to a point I was more happy with. This video will form part of my end of the year presentation.



Adaptation Title


We are currently creating a ident for fictional production house, I had previously created a still title for my Future Spartacus project and so this current project inspired me to animate this as well.



I have been revisiting all my University projects and getting them to a level that I am happy with, this post includes a character design that I had previously created but hadn’t yet digitally rendered and also a sketch of a possible location/arena.


Below is the before and after version of my chosen character design.


character - digi colour MAC

character - digi colour 2 MAC

character - digi colour2 MAC

character - digi colour4 MAC


I am really happy with how this turned out, I have been practising a lot on Photoshop recently and I have seen a big improvement. I had trouble with colours here because of a discrepancy between my laptop and the MACS at college. I originally just created the version without smoke, but because i felt like I wanted to develop the picture some more and also I had recently created several smoke brushes in Photoshop I added the extra detail.


And my Arena based on a multi-storey car park.


arena mac


Within this project the location part of the project is what i struggled most with, I am really not happy with this and given more time would have started this part again.

Name Generator/graphics – UPDATED


Today we briefly discussed coming up with names for characters, places, objects etc, usually this can be a time consuming process and thus we created a name generator. This is made up of 2 columns and each column contains specific words of my choice, for example first column had things like colours, metals, tastes etc, and the second column has animals,emotions, geographical phenomena. This allows you to randomly slide the two sheets (seen below) alongside each other and create names that you like very quickly. idea gen For example: IRON BEAR EMERALD MOUNTAIN BLACK LOVE I used this name generator to come up with a name for a shop for another project, the name that was randomly created was “Jaggered Monkey” i really liked this and thought it sounded like a men’s hairdressers. I have started working on some ideas and below you can see a quick sketch, this will be added to shortly. Image     I digitally rendered a possible shop logo and a quick mock up of the shop front.

shop logo mac

shop logo 2 MAC

shop logo 3 MAC

shop logo 4 MAC

shop logo 5 MAC shop front