This is a video that I created for the Adaptation project, there is a previous version but since then I have added a lot more work to this.


Adaptation Title


We are currently creating a ident for fictional production house, I had previously created a still title for my Future Spartacus project and so this current project inspired me to animate this as well.



I have been revisiting all my University projects and getting them to a level that I am happy with, this post includes a character design that I had previously created but hadn’t yet digitally rendered and also a sketch of a possible location/arena.


Below is the before and after version of my chosen character design.


character - digi colour MAC

character - digi colour 2 MAC

character - digi colour2 MAC

character - digi colour4 MAC


I am really happy with how this turned out, I have been practising a lot on Photoshop recently and I have seen a big improvement. I had trouble with colours here because of a discrepancy between my laptop and the MACS at college. I originally just created the version without smoke, but because i felt like I wanted to develop the picture some more and also I had recently created several smoke brushes in Photoshop I added the extra detail.


And my Arena based on a multi-storey car park.


arena mac


Within this project the location part of the project is what i struggled most with, I am really not happy with this and given more time would have started this part again.



Below are the stages I went through to create the final piece, There are several versions of the final piece and at present I do not know which I prefer, please comment on your favourite.



This is the thumbnail composition that I liked the most, I had already created a mock up several months ago using the copic marker sketch seen below:

composition idea idea



The sketch that you see below was from semester one, i wanted to place something in the background to see how it would look, by chance I had designed a quick mech and dropped that in.

concept art


I wondered how the character would look if it rendered it out better digitally. I was very happy with the version that you can see below.


concept idea MAC


Next I wanted to add some smoke/wind to the picture and created it using a photoshop brush I created. The blood splatters were from another project that I was working on at the same time and I just duplicated the layer into this file to see how it would look (blood splatter was a downloaded brush).

concept art - newest - dust MAC

Next I tried an alternate version with barb wire instead of smoke as barb wire was in my originally thumbnail.

concept idea - barb wire splatter MAC

I thought it was too plain and so began to develop the picture with the smoke, here I added some mechs along with search lights. I worked on this picture for quite a while and then toyed with the hue and saturation to create several different versions, as seen below.

concept art - newest - with mech 2 MAC concept art - newest - with mech MAC concept art - newest - with mech 4 MAC concept art - newest - with mech 3 MAC



Below is a link to my original post on this Module if you require more information:   PROPS I have digitally coloured many of the props created for this project, (see below) glove colour helmet 2 colour helmet 3 - colour 1 helmet 3 - colour 2 helmet colour shoulder2 Then I created a quick prop sheet for display. prop sheet

Adaptation project – character sketch


I just did a quick sketch of my “Future Spartacus” here i sketched him without his helmet on and added a cape, ¬†unfortunately my copic markers have ran out and so it is mainly felt tip (which looks terrible). I quite like the design and may possibly create a digital version in Photoshop.



I think that this is my final design for the character, I much prefer the character without his helmet. I like the addition of the red cape and I think it pays homage to previous ancient armies. My next step will be thumbnailing my ideas for the final concept piece.