Below is the final piece for an project that I have been working on. below this I have also include some of the development drawings and also the original digital renderings before they were placed into the final piece.

food vendor final2 MAC


Below are most of the sketches I did throughout the development process, I brainstormed a load of ideas and then sketched numerous objects that could be used for seating, eating etc. I also sketched a few ideas for the layout for the final piece.

ideas 2

Below was an idea I had for the animatic.

IDEAS 3 ideas

food vendor food vendor2



Below is a sketch for how the engine could be used to fry food.

frying pan idea

Here salt and pepper pots are used to mark places on a map.

map idea storyboard frame idea - knive map ideas


Below is an attempted sketch of an engine, I will add a frying pan later.



engine jeep back jeep frony map on table


Below are digital renderings of the sketches that I want to become part of the final piece. Below is the engine complete with frying pan and fried egg.

engine color done jeep back coloured jeep done mapnew

ammo crate

on table



A quick animatic i created, i will redo a much improved version.