Drawing for Entertainment Media – Creative Futures


Several months ago I did numerous drawings, since then I have been determined to advance my digital skills and so have coloured alot of them. I will repost original image as well as digital version.



Copic marker batman normal batman plain Copic marker -- test3





eyes colour 2




gas mask colour 2 life1 digital colour finished



pen and watercolour - digi test




Recently I have been trying to improve my drawing, paying particular attention to life drawing. I had been relying on Google image search, but I have found a really useful site




It finds suitable life drawing poses for you and allocates an amount of time for you to draw.



I really want to improve my drawing skills and it is my main focus at the moment, I have heard from many sources that life drawing is the best way to do this. I have been trying to do a few figures most days. At the moment this is just “nudes” from Google images but I would like to draw real life examples. I have been trying a number of different techniques and will eventually find a style that I like. At the moment I am playing with pen and marker as it allows to capture a pose in around a minute. I will continue to work on different styles and I am starting to read “Dynamic Figure Drawing” by Burne Hogarth (I will create a separate blog about the books/resources that I am using at the moment.. life1   I’m really not happy with the top figure, I think that I spent to long drawing the lines/outline and that I should have made more spontaneous marks, I think that this would have give the picture more life, and at the moment it looks the most two dimensional and “flat” of all the sketches that I have done recently. I regards to the second figure in the sketch above, I think that the body is “okay” and does capture what I was drawing, however I find the face to be very poor. This is something that I have found in the majority of my life drawing. My next element that I will focus on will be rendering faces and expressions quickly. life2   I liked this picture, I think that the body looks good and the minimum use of pen on the body means the focus is on the markers. Although my scanner is not very good at capturing the different shades and in real life there is more of a contrast between the colours. Once again the head on this figure is its main weakness. I originally had a small portion of her face showing, however it looked really poor and so I decided to “cheat” and cover it with hair. I think that the markers did allow me to render the cloth really quick and I experiment with them further once I start to concentrate on drawing fabrics etc.



Just a couple of sketches, trying to improve my drawing. I am planning on filling a sketch book a month from now on.


life drawing



I start to try a new technique of life drawing, in the sketches below i used copic markers to draw the basic sketch and then add the values/shading. It was only after this that I added the pen. I quite liked using this technique as it was extremely quick.

life2 life3





Below is a really quick self portrait, it proved quite difficult as I only had a really small mirror. The finished sketch didn’t really scan as it looks in real life, i will try adjusting my scanner settings to get a better replica.


Life Drawing – Assignment 1


Myself and a fellow student http://philmaclennan.wordpress.com/ started some drawing assignments that we had found on conceptart.org. We plan to improve our drawing skills and needed some direction, so we found the assignments that contained specific tasks meant to improve certain areas.

The first one was to take an object and to simple draw it as you see it, then you are to draw it again on the opposing page and add an imagined element. We set out a hair dryer on the table, below is my normal sketch.



Then I redraw this with added elements, i found that the object could be made into something like below:


Like a hover board, with wings, thrusters and handle bars etc added on,


Then I just did a quick sketch of a clock, the shape of the clock is quite unusual at the back.