This involved creating a name for our Production House, for this task I created a name generator and lined it up to create numerous combinations, these are seen in the picture below. With previous tasks it has become habit to go with the idea I favored most or the one that I was immediately able to establish an idea for, I wanted to avoid this scenario and so when choosing a name I actually got someone else to chose several for me (these can be seen midway down the right hand side). This ensured that I would have to develop ideas outside my comfort zone or my first idea.




I began to think of the different styles of font that could be used for the different names, you can see in the picture below some quick notes on what I was looking for.



Next I went onto Photoshop and began looking through the numerous fonts, finding ones that I thought emphasized qualities of the word I was creating. The ones that I thought best met this task are seen below.



Below I have included the reasons as to why I have chosen the different typefaces:

Bad Apple 1 – I think that this font has a very handwritten quality that I think lends itself well to the wording, It also has “attitude”.

Iron Python – I looked for fonts that I thought had a powerful and strong quality, I also chose this font because it has a “blocky” quality that I think would be effective when using a metal texture or embossing to make look like it is made from “Iron”.

Golden Sword – I chose this font because I thought that it would be the type of text that may appear on a gold bar or something similar. I did originally want to find a font that was very old fashioned looking. However I liked this one and thought it looked more modern and would lend itself better to the type of work that would be done at the Production House.

Bad Apple 2 – chosen for the same reason as previous “Bad Apple” font.

Python –  I thought that the shape of the letters was representative of a snake.

Blue Zombie 1 – When i saw this font I thought that it looked like the type of text that would be found on a “BIO HAZARD” material or warning sign etc.

Blue Zombie 2 – I chose this font because it reminded me of the type of font used on the titles of an old “B Film” zombie movie.

Blue Zombie 3 –  I chose this one for the same reason as previous, this one has a blood/slime dripping from the text which i think communicates the gory nature of zombies. Possibly the text could start off blue and normal and then slowly morph into this font and change to red as if bleeding.

Golden – As previously mentioned i was looking for some really old fashioned text, although i do think this was typical of what i was looking for i didn’t think It was suitable for the style/message that i wanted to create.

Blue Zombie 4 –

Bad Apple 3 – This font reminded me of something that would be used on Halloween merchandise etc.

Iron Python 2 – chosen for the same reasons as previous “iron python” font.

Blue Zombie 5 – chosen for the same reason as “blue zombie 3” but this is a slightly different one.

Purple Fear –



One of my original ideas for “Blue Zombie” was to have a text that decayed, I felt like the text below was exactly what I was looking for, this text would then crumble further with parts falling off. The below text i also applied a stone font to add to the effect that it was an eroding/decaying surface.




The below text is one that was displayed previous, Here i quickly added a metal texture and embossed the letters to create the impression of being a raised metallic surface.



The below text was actually my favorite, I feel that it has an immature handwritten quality, Here i tried white text on a black background, believing that my imagery would work better on a darker background.




Next i sketched a quick logo and created a very brief storyboard sequence.






Next I created a very quick animatic to see how the sequence would look.

Next I will further develop some of the other ideas I have and then decide on the most effective before fully creating the final piece.





Below are numerous examples of many very famous company logos from the entertainment industry.







Most of the logos used in the entertainment industry have several variations, because film, games, animations are all moving image this allows the companies to have both static logos (found on letterheads, merchandise etc) and animated logos (which proceed the film/game/animated title sequence). I have found through research that most of these companies that have both static and animated logos will just use variations of the same logo, this is to maintain the strong brand identity. With these logos being for the entertainment industry they should be functional for that genre, for example in the animated film logos often these logos will entertain the audience, the Pixar logo being a prime example. This logo uses a animated anthropomorphic lamp as the letter “i” , this is particularly effective as it shows the audience exactly what the company does (bringing a life objects/people in an animated form). Anyone knowing the history of the company will also know that this lamp is from the animation where they first established 3D animation and thus harks back to the companies strong history.

Other logos that I particularly like from the film industry are the “20th Century Fox” and the “Walt Disney” logo, The reason I like the Walt Disney logo is that it has remained continuous throughout time, it is an evolution on what was the original logo but has just been updated throughout time. The castle in the logo depicts the magical and childlike nature of many of the films. As technology has improved so new elements have been added to the logo, like stars and fairy dust.

The reason that I particularly like the “20th Century Fox” is that it hints at the origins of film as entertainment, with spotlights being used, in the past these would have been used to light actors/stars on stage etc. These lights are also used to show something important and thus define the company as important within the industry. The type is also in the form of a massive, solid monolithic style building, once again showing its importance and impressiveness.


Like with film company logos, the logos of the games industry have evolved with technology. The original logos where limited mainly by what could be shown on the games systems. The original logos where built around the 8bit systems so where simple typeface with simple backgrounds, these “original” companies like with film have just evolved with time, taking advantage of the most recent games systems capabilities. Below we can see a brief time line of how the logo of Nintendo has evolved, the main point being that once 3D had been developed in the systems then this was incorporated and emphasized in the logos.

nintendo-logo Nintendo_64_Logo gamecube_logo (250 x 171) nintendo-logo1


Sony developed the Playstation years into the console race and so their logo started off with elements highlighting the systems 3D capabilities. Below you can see a brief history of the logos evolution.

Notice that as the technology of the systems have advanced so have the logos, the logos are then used to showcase the systems technology.


I think that many of these logos would have been extensively developed on paper, with sketches and storyboards etc before they were developed digitally. Some of the texts would have also been created by hand and then recreated in the digital platform.

Most of these companies would have invested a lot of time and money in the creation of these logos. In most cases numerous experts would have been hired.  They would have been given a brief with things like company colours and certain things that need to be included, like for example, in Disney the castle would have needed to be included as it is synonymous with the brand. Then the designer would have shown numerous concepts until the ideas had been exhausted, at this point one or more ideas would have been chosen and further until a end design was created.