CHARACTER SKETCH – Medieval Batman



I had previously designed a “re-imagined” Batman set in the medieval era, I have done a quick sketch experimenting with different styles. Markers are all basically ran dry so apologises, I will redo this digitally when I have a chance.





Below is a digitally rendered version of the above picture, I like the character but not the dark line work, i will perhaps re draw in pencil.

batman 3 batman




Here is a quick sketch that I created in a piece of software called “Manga studio” it is pretty much the same as Photoshop but i prefer to do the lineart on it. The picture is of Guyver who is a manga character and took me about half an hour. It is in no way supposed to be a finished piece it is simply me learning the software.


Below is the same picture but with the light removed, if i was to do this picture again and spend alot more time on it i could do alot better.

guyver 2

My Storyboard – Medieval Batman


Recently i designed a “re-imagined” batman, set in the medieval times as part of a character design exercise. I have created a quick ¬†storyboard of a partial scene. Here you can see batman infiltrate a castle and he will eventually rescue a captured comrade.

Since this storyboard was created we have had a tutorial on storyboarding and i will post information on this later, this will also be followed up with a storyboard for my “creative futures” project on “future spartacus”.