I recently discovered copic markers and really them, think they are very quick at rendering ideas. In the same week I started reading a book at uni called “Mechanika: Creating the Art of Science Fiction with Doug Chiang”

The stuff in here is really impressive and mainly created with copics and then a little touch up in Photoshop. Anyone interested in drawing mechs and strange vehicles should read this.





I recently signed up to, it is an online forum, tutorial and portfolio site. You can create what is known as a “sketchbook” where you can post your work etc and ask people for feedback. Since my blog has nowhere near as much followers as I’d like, i think this would be a really good way to develop communications with my scholars. Hopefully I will get some feedback and advice on my work as well as learning new techniques and practices.

Art Galleries Trip


My first blog…

Several days into the start of my degree we had a trip to  the Hepworth Museum in Wakefield and the Leeds Art Gallery, it had been several years since i had really visited museums to help inspire ideas for my art/projects. With the mindset of achieving something from the day i found myself looking through different eyes. No longer was i looking at pieces of art and deciding on a like/dont like, i was looking for inspiration, considering the motivation behind pieces and how that was translated into the work. I looked at different styles and looked at how i could incorporate them into projects i would do.

The modern art also made me think very hard, mainly about the merits of it, i had always considered art to be something where the artist had a talent and like with most things it was only the best that should be held in high regard. But then i started to debate with myself, and i considered that maybe art is something that everyone can do, after all everyone has emotion and influences and gets inspire, people may not have the skill to sometimes create beautiful painting etc, but they shouldnt be limited, thats what some modern art i think is. I also did consider that some people are just trying to be clever, they are mocking people, simply drawing or painting something very random onto a canvass and then seeing if the audience force it to have a deeper meaning. For example in the Ferens Museum there was a piece that was 21 pieces of A4 just coloured in with felt tip, how is that art and what meaning does that have?

There were some beautiful painitings, some of these pieces were huge and so realistic, its amazing the amount of work and love which must have gone into some of the art. I hope that i will be that passionate about the work i do throughout my journey as a animator.

There was a particular artist Ukiyo-e that i really liked and think would be a great style of animation, the japanese style ink work would look great animated and the subject matter of samuri’s etc would lend itself to a great story, i already have ideas for a self initiated project. The background would be like scroll paper, the writing would be animated and like caligraphy style in black ink, the story would be about a great samuri warrior, even little details like dark red blood splatter on the screen. I have already done a few concept pictures and i will upload them as soon as i’m near a scanner.

I spent the rest of the week practising sketching and trying new mediums, i have been trying ink and watercolour together to produce some oriental style drawings and  also using charcoal for the first time and been doing some dark gothic style batman pieces.

I cant wait to get stuck into our first project..