Below is a video that I have created as part of my end of year presentations. This shows the different stages of several of the mini briefs.




I have recently revisited this project and create a finished concept piece that I am very happy with.

Here is a link to my previous post


Below are digital versions of some of the sketches that I created, followed by the final piece.

bus2 MAC bus3 digi MAC bus3 MAC


I was quite happy with the above sketches and quickly mocked up a background then layered them on top, I quite liked it so far and decided to develop it further.

bus stop MAC


As stated in a previous post I wanted to create something influenced by¬†Shaun Tan’s book ” The Lost Thing” and I developed the above picture into the finished piece that you can see below. I used my development sketches as the background and I was really happy with the look which that gave. I added a mouse in the foreground as it had been missing from my sketches, I would like to eventually change the mouse and have one with reins and a saddle to emphasise that it is used for transport.

FINISHED PIECE (However text display will change)

bus stop mock up MAC



Below is a link to my previous post on the “Bus Stop” project.


I have decided that I am going to design a “Borrowers” style bus stop. I want to create the bus stop using household objects that could have been scavenged from the characters world. This objects must be easily identifiable in terms of scale and what they are. I have already sketched a few example below:


I liked the above design, it was a conscious design to cut the milk carton half way through the text, this makes it more believable and realistic to what would be real life.



I like this idea very much and this could be something that could easily made in the characters world. I would like to do a more finished version of this sketch but actually featuring “The Borrowers” book instead.



In the final piece I have already decided that there will be a mouse with a saddle in the foreground acting as their transportation, So I decided to do a quick sketch of a bus stop outside a mouse hole. I don’t want to take this idea any further but I do like the lamp as a lamp post and I may keep this along with the matchbox stool for the final piece.

I have decided that I want to create the final piece in the style of a children’s book. My tutor advised me to look at the works of Jake Parker and Shaun Tan as inspiration and I will create a post on their work very shortly.

I think for my final piece I will draw in pencil and then colour digitally.



layout idea idea



Below is a link to the brief that we have been set:

The brief is very open in its scope with the intention of allowing people to focus on a certain area, for example 3D modelling, drawing, writing etc.

One of the areas that I am really trying to improve at the moment is my concept art and drawing skills. Thus I have decided to approach this task concentrating on these areas.

I immediately had several ideas on what I would like to do, these included:

  • A lone bus shelter in a war torn area, the surrounding area in ruin and possibly a tank or similar driving past.
  • Like the book/film “The Borrowers” I would like it to be miniture people who make their “bus stop” from normal house hold objects they had scavenged.
  • Caveman – this would be very cartoon style, similar to “The Flintstones” and no way accurate. Perhaps they have ladders etc to mount dinosaurs and other similar creatures.

I also looked at unusual bus-stops to get some inspiration, below are some of the more creative and strange ones that I found.

schoolbus[1] Mohonk_Mountain_House_2011_Boat_Dock_Against_Reflection_of_Cliff_FRD_3029[1] busstop16[1] busstop12[1] busstop02[1] busstop01[1]

I do like some of these as examples of creative designs for something very mundane but with this exercise I really wanted to concentrate on creating a piece of concept art rather than redesigning a “bus-stop”.

Next I looked at the award winning short film “The Paperman”, alot of this animation was set in an Train station and I looked at how this was used as a setting for the interation between the characters.

paperman paperman 440514377241d67b7948646151526e51_custom[1]

Whilst I was researching I stumbled across several examples of unusual transport and it got me thinking about the ways in which people board the examples below. I might possibly sketch a few designs.

People%20transport[1] 14784300-ayutthaya-thailand--july-28-thai-people-transport-tourists-for-an-elephant-ride-tour-of-the-ancient-[1]

After researching numerous avenues that I may take my next step will be doing some thumbnails and sketching of rough ideas. However the two ideas that I am strongly veering towards are:

The war scene as mentioned earlier and also “The Borrowers” idea which was also discussed earlier. Below are a few pictures which show the kind of thing that I was thinkin of for the war scene but obviously with a bus stop, I think that I would have a long queue of people at the bus stop showing that there lives must continue as normal despite the situation that they have going on amongst them. Emphasising that this is normal to them.

article-2016667-0D13A2D000000578-904_964x692 SYRIA-CONFLICT-DAILY LIFE

I will post some “Borrowers” themed images soon, and I will look at household objects that may have been “scavenged” to see how they could be adapted into a bus-stop. This will also give me the opportunity to do some still life drawing which is another area which I am looking to improve.